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Hullo peeps!

I’m back with another post in my ‘Top 5‘ series. You can find my other Top 5 post here. Today I’m going to tell you bunnies about my absolutely favourite bookish characters. I don’t read any one particular genre so they will range from fantasy to contemporary to manga. (It will not,actually)

The list is in no particular order

(Credits for the fan arts go to their makers. I don’t own them.)



 Penryn and the end of days trilogy


Image result for penryn angelfall


She is just awesome! She has taken many self-defense classes, and is capable of taking on opponents many times her size. She is loyal, strong, emotional, smart and her banter with Raffe is just an absolute delight to read!


The Lord Of The Rings 
Image result for legolas fanart
I’m a huge LOTR fan. I read this series when I was a wee child and it has been my favourite since then! I love all the characters but Legolas is just too dear to me! He is so adorable and so loyal to his friends. I still remember the scene from The fellowship of the ring where everyone except Legolas are knee-deep in snow and he is walking over the snow in his socks!


Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch

Carry on

Related image


Baz is so perfect! He is everything one desires in a character! He is snarky and in love with his rival, Simon. I want more of him!



Katniss Everdeen

The hunger Games


Image result for katniss everdeen book


Katniss is another super strong character. She is smart, is kick-ass with bow and arrow, has survival skills. Also she feels real. Her voice has so much depth. I love her!

Light Yagami 
Death Note
Image result for light yagami manga
Many people hate him for being a mass-murderer and evil but I just adore him! Actually , I’ve a thing for brilliant people and Light is super intelligent. He fools everyone, from police to L, the greatest detective. I don’t believe that Light was evil(maybe a little). It was Death note that twisted his intelligence into something dark and sinister.

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What about you? Who are your favourite characters?


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