Top 5 book series I really need to finish!


Hullo peeps!

I am back with my Top 5 post. I know I promised to do it weekly but I think I missed a week or two. I am super forgetful. Forgive me!

Now to the post. Today I am going to share my top Top 5 book series I really need to finish but have not been able to because

  1. I am forever broke.
  2. I am forgetful.
  3. I suck at finishing series.
  4. I get too attracted by new books in new series (short attention span)



  1. Worldwalker series by Josephine Angelini



I read the book one of the trilogy almost a year ago, one fine winter morning basking in the sun. I found it average but its ending made me super curious to read book two AND I almost ordered it online BUT then I got distracted by 13 Reasons why and the weather became warmer and I hibernated inside the house and forgot all about it. Forgive me, book.






  1. The Enemy series by Charlie Higson


For this series, I have a very valid reason for not continuing it. I read book one, years ago and absolutely loved everyone and the plot. I bought the book two immediatedly and started reading it. HOWEVER it was set 6 months before the events of the first book. Therefore the author introduced new kids. Now let me tell you something. I am very loyal to my characters. If I like someone I LOVE THEM! I just cannot read about the same world without the character present there. This is the reason why I hate spin offs (I know I am weird). Anyhow I finished the book 2 and picked up book 3 and NEW CHARACTERS WERE INTRODUCED AGAIN! I don’t even remember the names of the people from book one!

I really want to finish the series because I loved its brutality and fast pace but will I ever be able to get over my character obsessiveness? Follow me to know;)



  1. Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard



I read Red Queen, early this year and I am yet to pick up the next book in the series. It is not that I didn’t like the book. I enjoyed Red Queen. It’s just that whenever I go to a bookstore, I never find ‘Glass sword’. I get ‘King’s cage’ and ‘Red Queen’ but never ‘Glass sword’. But you can order it online? I know I can but due to reason D mentioned above, I always forget to.






  1. The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer



I totally LOVED Cinder and you can read my review here! While the plot twist wasn’t great but I have heard a lot about the next books in the series and I AM SUPER EXCITED FOR THEM but I have not been able to buy the other books in the series till now! My friend who forced me to read Cinder, raves about Cress and some captain and I SO want to meet him!






5. An Ember in the Ashes series by Sabaa Tahir



Now this is one of my favourite series and I ADORE ELIAS AND LAIA but I am yet to read the book two, A Torch Against the Night! The reason for not reading the book two is that I AM LAZY ASS WITH LOW ATTENTION SPAN! I really really need to read more of my babies. Why am I such a bad booknerd?!










4 thoughts on “Top 5 book series I really need to finish!”

  1. I have finished two of these series- the Enemy series and the Lunar chronicles.
    In regards to the Enemy series, in book 4 (?) you get all of the character stories together and it’ll make sense why the world was expanded. The prequel/sequel book is my personal favourite out of the whole series.

    As for the Lunar chronicles, the next books also introduce new characters but you do get to see your old favourites, I enjoy seeing new characters as long as they are well done haha. But I get your POV, you get attached to one set only to have to start from scratch with a new set.

    Wishing you the best of luck with your goals, this is an interesting topic that I’ll bookmark to try in the future.


  2. I really want to read The Enemy Series. They sound so good. I am currently into reading Apocalyptic books. I am about to start The Rot & Ruin Series by Johnathan Maberry. Also I also need to start The Red Queen Series. But I am reading so much at the moment it is crazy. Ah well, that series is in my book shelf to read at a later date. Definitely continue the Lunar Chronicles, they are amazing. I read all the novels and novellas in 2 weeks. Amazing series, just wish it hadn’t ended.


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