Jo’s Book Review – Sacrifice by Sharon Bolton


Title: Sacrifice

Author: Sharon Bolton

Publication Date: May 27th 2008

Publisher: Minotaur Books

Part of a Series?: No, A Standalone

Genres: Mystery, Thriller




In this masterful debut that starts off as a mystery and becomes much more, Tora Hamilton is an outsider at her new home on the rocky, wind-swept Shetland Islands, a hundred miles from the northeastern tip of Scotland.  Though her husband  grew up here, it’s the first time he’s been back in twenty years.  Digging in the peat on their new property, Tora unearths a human body, at first glance a centuries-old bog body, interesting but not uncommon. But realizing that the body is in fact much newer, that the woman’s heart has been cut out and that she was killed within a few days of bearing a child, Tora, herself an obstetrician, becomes obsessed with finding out what happened to her—even when the police, her colleagues and eventually her husband warn her against getting involved.

Sacrifice is a bone-chilling, spell-binding debut that will grip readers from its beginning to its startling end.



Rating – 2/5

I got this book randomly from Amazon (I am the queen of randomness) one day because

A) It looked like a horror novel and I don’t usually read horror

B) I liked the cover and the blurb.

I finished this 300+ pages long novel in 3 days and to my surprise it turned out to be more of mystery than horror and THE ENDING disappointed me greatly!

The Main Character

So our MC is Tora Hamilton, an obstetrician who likes playing Nancy Drew and snooping around for clues. She discovers the dead body in her backyard and decides to reach at the bottom of the mystery AND gets in trouble just like our little sleuth. Seeing her character was such a pain. I did feel a little love for her because I grew up reading Nancy drew but Tora was annoying as heck! Other than her, other characters were fine. No one stood out for me.

The Mystery element

The mystery in the book started off greatly. I was super interested and curious to know the truth. But after some while, it became annoying. Miss Tora Hamilton, playing Nancy Drew to uncover the secret was just annoying! It felt so childish.

The horror element

The horror undertone of the book was decent. While it didn’t give me chills and shivers, it managed to make me a tad bit scared.

The plot twist

I did not see the twist coming! I never suspected them to be the baddies and they turned out to be. BUT the whole concept was weird and disappointing. I felt so cheated at the end. #SuperDisappointed

Final verdict – It is a OK read. Not too great. Not too bad.



















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