Top 5 book series I really need to finish!

Hullo peeps! I am back with my Top 5 post. I know I promised to do it weekly but I think I missed a week or two. I am super forgetful. Forgive me! Now to the post. Today I am going to share my top Top 5 book series I really need to finish but have… Continue reading Top 5 book series I really need to finish!


Jo’s TOP 5 book characters

  Hullo peeps! I'm back with another post in my 'Top 5' series. You can find my other Top 5 post here. Today I'm going to tell you bunnies about my absolutely favourite bookish characters. I don't read any one particular genre so they will range from fantasy to contemporary to manga. (It will not,actually) The… Continue reading Jo’s TOP 5 book characters

Jo’s TOP 5 bookstagrammers

  Hullo peeps! This is Another post in my Top 5 series. In this I post about my top 5 bookish things in different category. . Today I will tell you about my top 5, favourite bookstagrammers.  If you don't know the term bookstagrammer and bookstagram, then fret not. I will explain to you. . According to Urban dictionary,… Continue reading Jo’s TOP 5 bookstagrammers